Ninety Nines Clothing was one of my main final projects in my third year of university. The idea came from both my love of travel and is also a nod to the famous female pilot; Amelia Earhart. She was a huge inspiration to me growing up, I always admired her strength, individuality and mostly her love of seeing the world. 

With these things in mind, the main aim of this project was to create a one of a kind jacket with unique branding and some special features, such as different sized pockets to carry i.e; technology, books, pens, pencils etc in, whilst also being stylish. I really wanted to combine the fairly recent technology of waterproof jackets with the convenience of being able to carry the essentials you need for a flight, car, train or bus journey without needing an extra backpack. After the physical product came the advertising (Posters, magazine advert etc). 

The thing I found most enjoyable about this project was the fact that I could make it look however I wanted to, and I absolutely love the logo!