This page in my portfolio is dedicated to my third year exhibition, which was called Rum & Raspberry. When coming up with names for our final year exhibition, the class as a whole went through many different names and ideas that included space and the number of people that were graduating, as we all decided on these two themes and therefore wanted to combine them.

After a lot of brainstorming and many hours of meetings, we eventually settled on the idea of Rum & Raspberry. The way in which we decided on the name was very out of the blue, but also an idea that links to space/the galaxy. When doing research for the name/ideas, one of our team members came across an article that claimed the fact that the galaxy tastes like raspberries and smells of rum (according to scientists, it's because of certain chemicals in the atmosphere.) and this is the idea we settled on, as it was very unique.

Once the idea was settled, we then were split into teams and each of us had different roles to do within the exhibition. I was chosen to do social media and designing. Below are a few logos that I personally designed, and also the final logo which was chosen and designed by another member of my design team; Ethan Rawlins.