Sleep Easy is a mockup app that I created as part of a quick fire brief from the website Briefbox. The aim of the brief was to come up with a new idea for a sleep cycle app that is aimed at younger people so they can successfully track their sleeping habits.


I wanted the app to be simple in design and looks, so that it is easy on the eyes at night. There are options within the app so that the user can view their current sleep cycle, as well as view the rest of the cycles from the whole week. Users are able to choose music to listen to, to help them sleep. There is also a feature that enables users to share their sleep cycles with other users of the app via social media, so that they are able to make comparisons to others.


By including a summary page of weekly sleep patterns, users are able to view how much light and deep sleep they are getting throughout the night, as well as their total sleep time. This enables the user to go back and compare sleep cycles from previous weeks and/or months.